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The introduction of the Gambling Act in 2007 fundamentally changed the way all UK gambling premises would operate. Tighter restrictions and greater levels of oversight & governance now meant that operators needed to pay very close attention to a far more dynamic and constantly evolving Regulatory landscape.


Having been responsible for the entire compliance and property function for a number of large UK operators Byron Evans has seen the 2007 Gambling Act change, evolve and now start to mature. His years at the ‘coal face’ mean that Byron Evans has an in-depth knowledge of what the UK Gambling Commission and Local Authorities expect, he is frequently able to also use this knowledge to accurately predict the direction of travel of both national and local regulation of the sector.  In this way he is well placed to assist operators to plan for change and to optimize their operating model. 


In 2011 Byron Evans successfully argued that Bingo Licenses could be introduced into smaller high street premises, this victory paved the way for the introduction of products such as Bingo Express and Bingo Plus.


In 2013 on behalf of Praesepe Byron Evans designed and introduced the “Essentials of Social Responsibility & Compliance Training Workbook” at Praesepe, which has now been replicated by many operators.


There is now an increasing requirement for greater levels of Social Responsibility amongst operators and their staff along with an awareness of the potential danger to a small number of “At Risk” and “Problem Gamblers”.  The BEC Partnershipis well versed in how to approach these issues in order to keep operators and their staff compliant in ways which do not overwhelm a business.